There aren’t any formulas to create extraordinary ideas or remarkable products, but we can discover where the magic occurs. This form is used to discover stories, experiences and passion, and will help to focus and guide our work.
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PRODUCT: What is the name of your company/product/service? *

PRODUCT: How does it currently work? *

○ Process Flows - if you have an example of a demo, or information about your project, please enter the download link below.
PRODUCT: How will this product/service make money? *

What user behaviors translate to profit?
What key performance indicators are tracked?
TARGET AUDIENCE: Who is using this product? *

○ How are they going to use this product?
○ What do we know about each (actions, demographics, etc…)?
○ How do we want them to use this product?
TARGET AUDIENCE: Describe the main categories of users who will use the product in as much detail as possible. Why do they use the product? *

If the answer is “our users are everybody,” this is a red flag.
TEAM: Who is responsible and determines the strategic direction for the product? *

GOALS: What are the business goals/objectives for product? *

(Three to five items in this list and we’re in good shape. If there are too many goals listed, expectations may be overly broad or ambitious.)
○ What are the current pain points? 
○ What would be deemed “successful” for this product?
GOALS: Why do people want to use your product over any competitors’ products? *

● What does the product stand for?
● What is the product vision?
What is your deadline? *

It's okay if you estimate the date, just try to get as close to your anticipated date as possible.
Anything else I should know about your product/service?

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